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product arrow LG 24GL600 23.6" TN FHD 144hz Refresh Rate & AMD Freesync

Price Rp 2.650.000
Berat 7,00 Kg


Key Features

  • 23.6 Class FHD
  • 1ms Response Time
  • 144Hz Reresh Rate
  • Radeon FreeSync™

Geared Up for Victory

LG UltraGear™ is the powerful gaming display gear with high performance features
to take your gaming to the next level.

The Gear for Rapid Action

With a 23.6-inch display, and 1ms response time, the 24GL600F is the
UltraGear optimized for games requiring instantaneous decisions, such as RTS and FPS.

144Hz Refresh Rate & 1ms Response Time

Fast Track to Victory

With a high refresh rate and fastest response time,
you can take advantage of any battlefield.

Get into Synchronized Action

With a refresh rate of 144Hz, the 24GL600F allows you to
capture even the smallest movements while also providing
smoother motion.

1ms Response Time

Shoot the Enemy First with Less Delay

With the 24GL600F, which supports the fastest response
time, you can quickly observe the battlefield and immediately
respond to enemy.

Radeon FreeSyncTM

Fluid Gaming Motion without Tearing & Stuttering

Equipped with Radeon FreeSync, the 24GL600F provides smooth motion without tearing or stuttering thanks to Adaptive Sync technology.

Specification :

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