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product arrow Huion KAMVAS 13 PRO Pen Tablet

Price Rp 4.990.000
Berat 4,00 Kg

Kamvas Pro 13

Better Professionalism,
better portability & better performance

Light weight aluminum alloy body
Slim body contains strong lines

Designed for convenient portability, Kamvas Pro 13 is very light and weighs only 910g. The aluminum alloy case on its back integrates beautiful vision and comfortable touch with high functionality that can easily withstand the wear and tear in daily use.

Full laminated screen
More beautiful and more vivid image display

Kamvas Pro 13 displays realistic images on the high-resolution screen. Based on the full laminated technology, the screen combines the protective glass and the screen seamlessly, giving a more transparent and high-quality show. The nib and the cursor are extremely close together without parallax during drawing.

Anti-glare glass
Marvelous visual effects and user experience

Huion is the first company in this industry to adopt AG surface treatment process to reduce the interference of ambient light on eyes and improve the viewing angle and brightness of the display screen. When using the PW507 digital pen to draw on the screen surface, you can experience the delicate friction between the pen nib and the screen like drawing on paper.

Color gamut is enhanced to 120% sRGB

The screen color gamut is enhanced to 120% sRGB coverage level with more diverse and delicate colors. Coupled with the full laminated FHD screen, it can not only remove the color cast, but also effectively improve the image detail and accurately restore the image quality.

Pro 13 gets closer to
your needs via setting

The touch bar and 4 express keys at your fingertips allow easy rolling, zooming, and so on, saving your time and efforts for delicate design.

266PPS high speed movement
Always ready to keep up with your pace

When creating, you can enjoy smoothing drawing in the entire display screen, and the pen nip will not produce any delays or broken lines.

PW507 battery-free digital pen
A good pen brings inspiration and creativity

Thanks to the new design of the elastic pen nib, the PW507 digital pen can acutely sense and analyze the change of strengths during the usage, ensuring the perfect display of the 8192 levels of pen pressure as well as sleek and natural transition between each line.

In graphics software with the tilt effect, the PW507 digital pen supports ±60 degrees tilt recognition and meanwhile ensures the accuracy. It brings you the experience of real writing and drawing.

  • supports ±60 degrees tilt recognition

  • no need to charge



  • Sensing Height   : 10mm
  • Report Rate       : 266pps
  • Video Interface  : Type-C


  • Weight              :  910g
  • Thickness          :  11mm
  • Dimension          :  388 x 219mm
  • Active Area        : 293.76 x 165.24mm

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