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product arrow Havit HV-M83 Vertical Microphone

Havit HV-M83 Vertical Microphone

Noise Reduction Microphone
Brand: Havit
Model: HV-M83
Plug: 3.5mm
Diffuse Reflection
Cable Length: 1.5m
180 Degrees Change Of Direction
Frequency Response 30Hz-15KHz
Impedance Sensitivity -58db
Design For QQ, MSN, Skype, PC And Many More
Stand Microphone For Computer HAVIT HV-M83. It's a great microphone for QQ, MSN, Skype, PC And Many More. In addition to comparing with other microphones, it is a great microphone that can be easily used. If you want, you can record high quality voice through mobile with this microphone for YouTube videos. You can use this microphone Facebook live and any other device which can be used with 3.5mm plugins.