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product arrow Deepcool Z10 Thermal Paste

Price Rp 95.000
Berat 0,10 Kg

DeepCool Z10 thermal paste offers high thermal conductivity for demanding processing units with an easy to apply consistency.

Industrial grade thermal interface
Maximize heat transfer and dissipation with high quality thermal compound designed for high performance CPU & GPU components.
The best match, every time
A smooth consistency allows for easier application and helps fill in every micro-channel between surfaces for excellent thermal conductivity.
Thermal Paste Color
Cobalt Blue
Pantone 2155U
Thermal Impedance : 0.08°C·cm²/W
Grease Weight : 5 g
Operating Temperature : -50°C to +200°C

Specification :

Grease Color Blue-Gray
Grease Weight 5 g
Thermal Impedance 0.08°C·cm²/W
Thermal Conductivity 6.5 W/m·K
Specific Gravity(25°C) 2.9 g/cm³
Operating Temperature "-50°C to +200°C