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product arrow COUGAR Bunker Vacuum Mouse Bungee

Price Rp 195.000 Beli
Berat 0,30 Kg

Vacuum Mouse Bungee

COUGAR BUNKER is the perfect solution for those gamers who want to enjoy the superior reliability, response and accuracy of a wired gaming mouse while at the same time preventing the mouse cord from getting in their way.

With a patented design that provides unsurpassed durability, stability, and portability. Cougar BUNKER is one of the best investments a serious gamer can make.

Flexible Cable Mount Design

BUNKER’s flexible arm will provide gamers with increased freedom of movements and extra smoothness in their control of the mouse, while at the same time guaranteeing that the mouse cord won’t get in the mouse’s way or become entangled. To ensure compatibility with the vast majority of mice on the market, BUNKER features a flexible cord groove that will adapt to virtually any mouse cord size.

Superior Stability: Vacuum Suction Pad

BUNKER’s patented design features a special colloid suction pad that provides heretofore unsurpassed levels of steadiness even on slightly uneven surfaces. This technology will allow the gamer to play at ease: BUNKER will stay in its place even in the most intense gaming sessions.

Ultra-Light Compact Design

At only 85 grams, and with a compact design BUNKER allows the user to bring it anywhere, be it a LAN party or a friend’s home.



Keeps the mouse cord under total control.


A powerful vacuum (patented design) will keep it steady at all times


An ultra-compact base that won’t take up much space


Its raised rubber arm is highly flexible, increasing its durability


Product Name COUGAR BUNKER Gaming Mouse Bungee
Dimensions 110mm x 70mm x 115mm
Weight 85g


  1. Remove the protective membrane and clean the surface on which you plan to use COUGAR BUNKER.
  2. Place COUGAR BUNKER on the desired surface, with the suction pad facing downwards, and press the mouse bungee’s base gently against it, then push the lever downwards.
  3. Locate the mouse cord on the cable mount, and adjust the length of slack accord-ing to your needs.
  4. Removal: Pull the suction lever upwards. Then, grip the silicone protuberance lo-cated in the back of the bungee’s suction pad and pull it upwards to remove it from the surface.


The range of suitable uneven surfaces (flat surfaces) does not include cloth, wool, cotton or similar materials, nor does it include any porous surface.


The suction pad has a degree of stickiness. If, after prolonged use you notice a de-crease in the steadiness of the device and a weakening of its suction, please rinse it with water to clean it. When it dries, its original properties will be restored.

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