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product arrow Cooler Master MasterGel Low Viscosity Thermal Paste

Price Rp 60.000 Beli
Berat 0,20 Kg


Outpace stock thermal grease with the balanced, all-new MasterGel. The gel compound is made for easy application and removal without having to scrape into the night. We’ve even thrown in a scraper and cleaner to make light work of cleaning the CPU and cooler base without damaging parts.

  • High CPU/GPU conductivity (1.85 W/m.k)
  • Easy to spread and remove without damage
  • Free scraper and alcohol-based cleaner

Specification :

Model number MGX-ZOSW-N15M-R1
Color White
Specific Gravity 2.4
Thermal Conductivity >1.85 W/m-K
Volume 1.5g
Extra Scraper
Grease Cleaner
EAN Code 4719512050781
UPC Code 884102027864

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