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product arrow Armaggeddon INFINEON LOOP RGB kit - 3x Single Ring Fan + Controller

Price Rp 330.000 Beli
Berat 0,60 Kg

Armaggeddon INFINEON LOOP II RGB kit

3x Double Ring Fan + Controller

    Dimension: 120 x 120 x25mm
    Bearing Type: Hyper Bearing
    Rating Voltage: Fan DC12V, LED DV5V
    Rated Voltage: CD 5.0-13.8V
    Start-up Voltage: DC 5V (On/Off)
    Rated Current: Fan 160mA, LED 600mA
    Locked current: Less than 220mA
    Rated Speed: 1200rpm +/- 10%
    Air Flow: 38.0CFM
    Air Pressure: 1.1mm H20
    Noise level: 23.5dB(A)
    Connection lead type: Black L=580mm, 2468, 28#
    Connector: Black PA2.0/6P
    Compatible with ARMAGGEDDON Loop RGB Control Board