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product arrow MSI Interceptor DS B1 GAMING Mouse

  • Gaming Grade Optical Sensor
  • DPI On-the-fly Button
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Anti-Slip Surface
  • Weight System
  • Gold-plated Connector

Gaming grade optical sensor

  • - High speed motion detection at 37ips and acceleration up to 15g
  • - Resolution up to 1,600
  • - Frame rate up to 4,000fps

Ergonomic Design

  • DS B1 ergonomic design to enhance the comfort of the user while using mouse and to help prevent serious injury from long-term daily computer use.

Anti-Slip Surface

  • Featuring side Anti-Slip grips, ensure the prefect grip and you never loss of mouse control again.

Weight System

  • DS B1 comes with eight 2 gram weights to suit variety of games. Customize the perfect weight for a perfect feel.

Gold-plated connector

  • Gold-plated USB connector with rubber sheathed cable.

Product Specification

  • Mkt name > Interceptor DS B1 GAMING Mouse
  • DPI > 1,600
  • Button > 6 Buttons
  • Dimension > (L)123*(W)71*(H)39mm
  • Weight > 108g
  • Interface > USB

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