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product arrow DRAGONWAR G-HS-002 Beast

Price Rp 330.000 Beli
Berat 0,50 Kg


This headset is the last born of the brand Dragon War, only working on PC. It is connected by a simple wire thanks to its USB connector.

The Beast is a circumaural gaming headset which offers a better immersion, thanks to its vibration function. Kill zombies, destroy the boss, and finally feel the emotions of your characters through your mouse, but most of all through your ears !

Choose comfort and audio quality to accompany you the best during your long video-game adventures. The headset suits perfectly your head thanks to its well-studied ergonomics and its adjustable headband, and you can take it wherever you go, owing to its foldable design ! A MUST-HAVE!

Appreciate pure and rich audio in your ears, and optimize the communication with your game’s partners thanks to your noise cancelling microphone, making it crystal-clear and more effective.

Personalize the volume of the game, of the voice, but also the level of vibration of your headset according to your preferences thanks to an integrated remote control, and make of the Beast the essential partner of your long gaming sessions !

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Specification :



  • Frequency response : 18 - 20 000 Hz
  • Impedance : 32 ohm
  • Sensitivity : 110+/-3dB
  • Connection : USB
  • Sound force feedback system
  • Lighting effect
  • 40mm speaker driver


  • Settable vibration mode
  • Frequency : 30Hz-12000Hz
  • Sensitivity : -58dB
  • Impedance : 8 ohm


  • Frequency : 50Hz-15KHz
  • Impedance : 2.2K ohm
  • Connection : 3.5mm.